Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Questionnaire: Oct. 21, 2013

Happy Monday everyone! What did you do today?

1. Do you have a diary? 
I used to back in middle school/beginning of high school. I mostly used it to vent.
2. Best makeup lighting in your house?
My room, especially in the morning.

3. Which do you wear more often, lipstick or gloss?
Honestly, I wear both often. I'm a lip-aholic!

4. With whom do you talk the most about makeup offline?
Definitely my good friend Michelle! I actually didn't know that she was into makeup like me until I posted something on Sephora's Facebook page and she commented back!

5. Does the color of a room affect your mood?
Yes! Bright colors make me feel excited and happy. Dark colors make me feel calm and quiet.

6. Do you have any plants around you at work?
No. I work at a drugstore.

7. Are there any shadows you love except for the fallout?
There's some shadows from Too Faced and Urban Decay that I really love but they just have way too much fallout :/

8. How do you feel about nude nail polish?
I like it! I have very short nails due to biting them and nude polishes make my nails appear longer!

9. If you could be invisible for 2 hours, what would you do?
Can't say ;)

10. What’s your current favorite face product?
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Pressed Powder! I love it to set my foundation!

Until next time!

xo, Kathleen 

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