Wednesday, March 27, 2013

100 Facts About Me!

Hey guys! After finally doing my taxes (thank God!), I realized I had some down time to do a post. I figured I'd tell you some interesting facts about me! This is just for fun so here we go!

1. I'm the middle child in my family.
2. I'm obsessed with Snow White and Winnie the Pooh.
3. Spaghetti is my favorite food.
4. I still don't have a driver's license.
5. Glee and Extreme Couponing are my guilty pleasures.
6. I hate any food with mint, except chewing gum
7. I have an aunt who's 10 years younger than me.
8. I have to buying matching shampoos and conditioners.
9. My biggest insecurities are my teeth.
10. I share bedrooms with my sister.
11. I had a pet bunny once but it ran away.
12. Disneyland is my second home.
13. I've been to three different countries.
14. My grandma lives right across the street from me.
15. I've never had a boyfriend.
16. I like to make collages on my bedroom wall.
17. I have over 20 pairs of jeans but only wear 5.
18. I'm pretty sure I saw Paris Hilton at Laguna Beach a few years ago.
19. I like thrift shopping.
20. My favorite colors are purple and green.
21. The only seafood I like are shrimp and tilapia.
22. Some people think I'm Filipina.
23. I can pretty much live off of Girl Scout cookies.
24. I only watch The Voice or American Idol auditions, not the entire show.
25. I've only been to 3 concerts in my entire life.
26. Water is my favorite drink.
27. I used to be a Girl Scout.
28. I played the flute in elementary school.
29. I've always wanted to learn how to play guitar.
30. The top 5 most played songs on my iTunes account are all Justin Bieber songs.
31. Ingrid Michaelson is my girl crush.
32. I'm the only one in my family who can't whistle.
33. I love anything with sour cream and onion.
34. I own an iPod shuffle, the one that's long and white.
35. I like to go to Tijuana for fun.
36. I'm obsessed with handbags.
37. I've been inside Disneyland's Club 33.
38. I used to play lacrosse in high school.
39. My makeup organization sucks.
40. English and History are my two favorite subjects.
41. I don't paint my toes because I'm too lazy to bend over.
42. I've never hit pan on any makeup product.
43. The number 10 is my favorite number.
44. I'm not into sports.
45. I carry six lip products with me at all times.
46. I'm a little bit scared of the dark.
47. Chucky scares the shit out of me.
48. I always get the same drink at Starbucks.
49. I like to say I look like my dad even though we don't.
50. I always have my hair up.
51. I'm 5'4" tall.
52. I can fit under my bed.
53. When I was 7, I decided to hide from my parents in the clothing racks at Target and they had to close the entire store for 2 hours because they couldn't find me.
54. I sometimes sleep on my parents' bed.
55. I've been told that I talk in my sleep.
56. I hate when 30 year old women buy lots of Hello Kitty stuff for themselves. I think it's childish.
57. I lost a sock at my friend's house and when she moved to a different house, she said she never found it.
58. YouTube is my best friend.
59. I always dream about dinosaurs chasing me.
60. I love eating cow tongue and pig brains.
61. I've always lived in Orange County, CA.
62. I like changing out the music on my iPod every week.
63. I think that people (especially those underaged) who post pictures of themselves smoking or drinking are stupid.
64. Chocolate Brownie is my favorite ice cream.
65. NARS is my favorite high end makeup brand.
66. Maybelline is my favorite drugstore makeup brand.
67. Most people think I'm optimistic but I'm really pessimistic.
68. I don't know where I see myself in 10 years.
69. I always sit in the front of any class.
70. I live right in the middle of San Diego and Los Angeles.
71. I love playing sudoku.
72. I love doing puzzles, especially those with 500 pieces or more.
73. The first beauty guru I ever watched on YouTube is emilynoel83.
74. Everytime I go into Sephora, I always have to buy something.
75. I like listening to French music.
76. I always lose something.
77. I can only sleep with my belly down.
78. I look exactly like my little cousin.
79. I was in my high school's yearbook class for three years.
80. I first started wearing makeup in 7th grade. I rocked orange lipstick lol!
81. I was in my church's youth group for two years.
82. I'm currently 19.
83. Tigers are my favorite animals.
84. Fall Out Boy is my favorite band.
85. I'll listen to any type of music.
86. I once got lost at Disneyland.
87. I wrote my initials on the Eiffel Tower.
88. My favorite fruit is watermelon.
89. I enjoy grocery shopping.
90. I hate washing dishes.
91. I always carry water with me.
92. For my quinceaƱera, I wore a Snow White dress.
93. I saw my middle school crush last week and it was awkward.
94. I still play with my Gameboy.
95. I only own one pair of high heels.
96. It takes me 20 minutes to do my entire makeup.
97. For every burrito I eat, I always have to have cilantro and onion in every bite.
98. I was at the mall by myself a few years ago when someone came up to me and asked if I would like to work at Nickelodeon. I didn't know if it was legit or not so I said no. Imagine if they really did work at Nick......I could have been famous by now lol!
99. I love the work of Rodgers and Hammerstein. Their music is amazing!
100. I'm currently on a makeup no buy until my birthday May 26.

Wow! This was a lot of fun! Now you really know everything about me! See you guys next time!

xo, Kathleen

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