Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Questionnaire: April 27, 2015

Good afternoon everyone! It's Monday and you know what that means... it's time for a questionnaire! Let's jump right to it shall we?

1. Have you ever seen someone in real life who looks like they could be your twin/doppelgänger?
I believe so! There was a Barnes & Noble commercial that aired a few years ago and my family and I just started cracking up because there was a girl sitting next to a tree reading in the commercial and my dad said "She could be your twin because you both like to read!" LOL!

2. What do you think of the new Apple Watch, and would you wear it? 
I think it's completely unnecessary. I rarely wear watches and when I do, it's just for accessories. I use my phone as my watch!

3. Sometimes when I open my mouth…
I am most likely eating or snoring. I'm not much of a talker :)

4. Do you see yourself as more of a bohemian, or a glamour gal?
Definitely a mix of both. I like the easiness of bohemian clothing but I also like getting dressed up and put together.

5What do you typically wear to work?
A blue polo shirt with a pair of khakis and black work shoes. Yay retail life....

Until next time!

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