Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Questionnaire: June 24, 2013

Hey guys! It's been a while since I've done a questionnaire so I figured I'd do one! I haven't been doing much recently, just work and house chores. By the way, I made an online order at MAC for some of the new Tropical Taboo products and I can't wait to get them! Let's get on with the questions!

I really need a haircut!

1. Do you have to dress up for work?
Just the dress code I have to follow: dark blue shirt, beige/tan pants and black shoes.

2. Do you ever rub elbows with royalty?
Kings and queens? No. Celebs? Possibly...

3. Waterparks: yes or no?
I've never been to one but it sounds fun!

4. Did you do any beauty shopping last weekend?
Just today at MAC.

5. What was the first thing you saw when you opened up your eyes this morning?
Not gonna lie, my phone. It's the first and last thing I see every day. Kind of sad...

6. Curly or straight hair?

7. Are there any glosses in your makeup bag right now?
Yep, a whole bunch of them from Clarins, MAC, Maybelline and Revlon.

8. When you’re not feeling well, do you like to be taken care of or left alone?
Left alone. I hate when people talk to me when I'm sick.

9. Twinkies are making a comeback! Are you stoked?
Heck yes! I love Twinkies!

10. Warm or cool weather?
Definitely cool! Not a lot of cool weather here in Southern California but I enjoy it while it lasts.

Hope you all enjoyed your Monday!

xo, Kathleen

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